Trestle® enables developers to create data-driven applications faster!

Trestle simplifies the process of making business data web-accessible thanks to powerful database discovery algorithms and extensive out-of-the-box functionality that your customers want and need. Your software engineering team will accomplish more while simultaneously improving consistency and maintainability throughout the system.

Starting with a database, Trestle® creates a data access objects layer (Trestle DAO), extensive event triggers, and a web user interface. This process provides your software engineering team with an immediate validation of the database design and a huge head-start on custom system development. Database issues can be resolved in the Trestle Build database interpretation layer or in the database itself. The Trestle DAO understands the relationships in the database so traversing the database tables for a specific property is as easy as adding dots between related data objects.

The basic Trestle UI includes:

  • Left or Top Menu Navigation
  • Advanced Searching Capabilities
  • Paged List Views
  • Responsive Data Tables
  • Single Record Views
  • Dino Script® for adding functionality
  • Beads™ to render controls consistently
  • + more

Additional powerful and tested features may be enabled including:

  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Forms
  • File Attachments
  • Multi-tenancy
  • System Notes
  • System Logs
  • Development Server
  • + more

The system may (optionally) be extended using C#.NET, the Beads™ control factory, and additional packages as needed. Anytime a database change is made, simply rebuild the solution through Trestle to incorporate the changes.

Entry-level developers with system developer accounts may add business-specific functionality using Dino Script® which incorporates the powerful features of C# and Python to provide developers with a sandboxed scripting environment. The Live Scripts may be triggered by events such as a new document upload, or user actions like a menu selection. Trestle and Dino are tightly integrated so adding custom scripted functionality is easy and uses the same Trestle DAO. Live Scripts are often used to add and test new features before they are integrated into the codebase.

The combination of Trestle®, Beads™, and Dino Script® is a powerful combination for rapid, well-structured, and maintainable development. Development teams love Trestle because they can finish more projects in less time. Developers love Trestle because it creates a well-structured connection between the database and custom codebase. Business managers love Trestle because they can have a developer quickly add the custom functionality they need. End users love Trestle because it provides a visually appealing, consistent, and stable user interface with ever-expanding capability.

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Trestle enables your business to create a data-driven website rapidly with the help of a Trestle developer such as Ridgeline Solutions. With extensive out-of-the-box functionality, your Powered by Trestle system will have more capability, stability, and expandability than a built-from-scratch system. Trestle systems take less time to deploy, cost less to maintain, and function consistently.

The Trestle developer starts with your data (spreadsheet, Access database, or database) and uses Trestle to build the application and prepare much of the ‘under-the-hood’ information needed to efficiently access your data.

Depending on your needs, the user interface may include:

  • Navigation Menu
  • Record Search
  • List and Single Record Data Views
  • Dino Script® for adding functionality on the fly
  • Custom Fields
  • File Attachments
  • Custom interfaces created by your developer
  • + more

With the framework in place, the developer can further customize the application to meet your specific business needs. This may include developing special user interfaces that bring together unrelated data from different parts of the system for display on one screen. It may also include creating reports and dashboards to meet your needs.

After the system is deployed for use, developer access may be enabled for people on your team and/or your developer’s team. With developer access, Dino Script® may be added to enable new, custom functionality, without taking the system offline.

Trestle provides your users with secure login access to your custom data, anywhere they have internet!

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